Inspiration: Espresso and Marigold

Top row from left: Twigs & Honey boutonniere photo by Tim Will via Once Wed, typewriter "guest book" from 13 Creative, bouquet and cake both from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: Babette shoes from J.Crew via Oh So RB, reception space by Jo Gartin, ruffles via Oh Happy Day, invitation by Hello! Lucky
Row 3: cosmos bouquet photo by Anna Kuperberg, bud vase photo by Anna Williams, invitation by Ceci New York, cocktails from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 4: vintage car photo by DuHon Photography from Wish Special Events, yellow dress by Vera Wang, Erin Cole veil photo by Leigh Miller

Hot off the press

You're invited to our wedding....please save the marking your calendars with stickers. Invitation to follow
Hot off the the dates, we are loving this gold and brown theme. Just wait until the invitation arrives!!!

Great Finds: Decorative Packing Tape

You can let your imagination run wild with these decorative packing tapes, labels, and wraparounds from Tapeswell. I love there slogan..."make the outside count as much as the inside." This is my great find for the day.

Table Numbers

Table numbers....not many people put much thought in them. But its the details that shine. Here are several table number designs we've created. Numbers aren't the only way to tag each table. Think about places you've been as a couple or favorite beaches, names of streets in your home town. It's all about the details.

Personal Stationery: Discount

Through the month of June when you order 100 piece set of personal stationery, you get $25 off your order. This includes thanks you cards. Inquire today!

{hot off the press}

Hot off the press: engagement invitation and favor tag. I'm in love with this color combination.

I do...for less

"Budget weddings are in the vogue this recession"...great article from the Wall Street Journal. Must read if you are planning a wedding.
Some tips...
Set Priorities
Consider a Destination Wedding
Check Out the Parks
Compare and Bargain
Rely On Your Friends

Family Tree Great Chef's Dinner

We sponsored 2 tables at the Great Chef's Dinner which was held on April 19 at The Grand Lodge located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The theme was "Paris Meets Paradise". Both tables turned out looking great. We designed the menu cards and other paper goods for each table.

Highlight: Menu Cards
This is the second table we sponsored at the Great Chef's Dinner.

TABLE DESIGN: Bradshaw Styling
Vendors at this table: Fleur de Lis Florist, Gala Cloths by Dulany, Haute Cocoa, Inc., Party Rental, Ltd.

TABLE DESIGN: Favored Events
{Congratulations for winning "Best keeping with the theme", best overall award!}
Vendors at this table: Richardsons Flowers and Gifts, Perfect Settings

Happy Weekend

the 3/50 project

"Saving the brick and mortars our nation was built on"
Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.
Find out more

Social Media

This article was in our June Newsletter....

"Social media is one of those phrases that is thrown around and abused so frequently these days that it is often completely misunderstood, even by those who participate in it.

At its simplest, social media is a conversation. At its most complex, social media is a conversation. And just like with the dynamics of any verbal conversation, there is potential for a broad range of outcomes.

Everything in life is done through some form of conversation and communication, be it online or offline. Multi-million dollar deals are won (and lost) based on a series of conversations. Wars have been started because of an offense someone took from a spoken word, and peace treaties have been negotiated because of a willingness to communicate in a more humble tone. Couples even agree to marry each other with two simple words "I do".

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are not social media. They are tools that help facilitate it, just like Starbucks or another coffee shop can help facilitate verbal, face-to-face conversations. The conversations that happen within those online platforms is the social media.

Where there is opportunity to speak, there is opportunity to be misunderstood, and online media is no exception. While getting started in social media is as simple as jumping in and starting a conversation or joining one, committing to it is not easy. It is risky and you have to give up quite a bit of perceived control (I say perceived because you weren't ever really in control anyway). Tone can be misinterpreted much more easily via the written word and passive aggressive remarks instantly have a larger audience. Being a hermit, however, is not healthy, either offline or on, and is not a solution to avoiding the important conversations that are happening.

It's important to note that the platforms used will evolve and be replaced, but the need to communicate with other humans never will. Social media will also never fully replace verbal communication. The days of speaking face-to-face or via telephone aren't going anywhere (though the phone might). The tools will always change; the core need to communicate and connect with each other will not.

That said, online communication is not a fad and social media isn't one of those things that was fun while it lasted. It is another form of talking with others, and it will only continue to grow. While Facebook has jumped the shark and Twitter is beginning to swim in some dangerous waters, social media is here to stay. If you're not willing to adapt and participate in the two way conversations online media enables, your business will suffer. "

Hot New Item

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your wardrobe or just a great gift for your bridesmaids or best friend. Check out Beegee Bags. Oh so cute for their vintage inspired fabrics....and they can be custom made with your chosen pattern and colors.

Beyond the bag

Love the bags from One Language Label.
"Just a great, modern canvas bag. That's it...that's all we wanted."

As for the details, each bag is lined with handwritten inspirational quotes, making each bag unique and individual.
Retail for $110

New Postage Stamps

New pretty stamps for your letters this summer.

The stamp was designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, and Jeanne Greco of New York, New York.

"Since the beginning of its popular Love stamps in 1973, the U.S. Postal Service® is paying clever tribute to the world’s favorite “game” with the issuance of the King and Queen of Hearts, the latest stamps in the Love series. Artist Jeanne Greco, New York, New York, created the art on her computer for the two stamp designs, one showing the King and one showing the Queen, by using images from 18th Century French playing cards as a reference."